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Municipalities, Economic Development, City Hall and Council

Municipal websites are a great example of the need for effective communication. From staff and employees to residents and city leaders, communicating the policies, bylaws, news and events of your municipal organization are critical.

WebCommunicator has several tools and features that make it easy for municipalities and other municipal groups to provide a meaningful experience to both visitors and local residents. Built in commercial real estate management caters to economic development departments while interactive business directories and trip planners are a tourism coordinators' dream. City hall and counccl can take advantage of the secure groups for meeting minutes and sensitive information while making it easy for residents to view bylaws, news and events in your community.

Here are a few things WebCommunicator provides for cities, towns and other municipal organizations:

  • Commercial real estate managment (built on IEDC standards)
  • Interactive business directories
  • Council areas for secure documents and meeting minutes
  • Event calendars that allow others to post events
  • Newsletter and news archives
  • Staff and human resources areas
  • Multiple administrators for multiple departments