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Associations and Organizations

Associations and Organizations

There are a wide variety of association types ranging from local chambers of commerce to national and international groups, however, all associations have one thing in common...members.

Whether you need the tools to communicate with your members and associates or provide an environment that fosters member-to-member and member-to-customer relationships, WebCommuncator has the tools to make it happen.

Secure member and group areas provide the perfect place to market your activities to your members while providing tools for member-to-member relationships to foster. Business directories and people rosters offer public or private access to your members. Talk to us about integrated payment processing for member dues, billing and collection solutions.

Here are a few things WebCommunicator is doing for associations and organizations in the real world:

  • Member and business directories
  • Files and resources downloads
  • Broadcast email communication
  • Online event registration
  • Board and committee meeting minutes