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Adding Registrations through the Event Registration System

Although anyone (within the set restrictions) can register online for an event that is setup in the ERS, an administrator can also add registrations directly into the system. This way, if someone still calls in to register, you do not have to refer them to the internet to register themselves (nor must you sign in, "pretending" to be this same person online).

To add registrations, click on the Event for which you are adding the registration when viewing the "Home" or Events" page.

When viewing the event details, there is a button to "Add Registration".

Click on this button and you will be taken to the first registration step. Select the status of the registration.The administrator's username will appear as the "Entered By' name.


Click on "Select User" if registering a MEMBER already in the online database. Click on "Add New" if registering a Guest.

Select User

Upon choosing "Select User", a search field will appear. Enter some information in the fields shown (not mandatory) and a list of matching members will be returned.

Click on the member's name to register that user.

The system will bring you to a registrant form, with the known fields filled out. Verify that the information is correct. This person will be the REGISTRANT (i.e. The person who has called in).

Add New

The one difference with registrations directly through the ERS, is that the registrant for an event does not have to be a member, even if the event does not permit it. However, all required fields still apply  for registrants. However, after you add the registrant, all the restrictions still apply for Atendees.


This step is the same whether you have a member as the Registrant or a Guest.

To add ATTENDEES, either click on "Add Member" or "Add Guest".

Delete Registration Form: Deletes the registration form being viewed.

Add Member: Will return a search form to search for a member in the database. Required registration form fields must be filled in just as in the regular registration forms.

Add Guest: A way to add a guest to a previously submitted registration (only applies to events where guests are permitted). Required registration form fields must be filled in just as in the regular registration forms.

Send Changes to Registrant: If changes to the Status or Registrants are made, you can choose to send a notification by email to the registrant of the event.

As you add attendees, the same rules for registration apply as they do when users register themselves online. THE SAME RESTRICTIONS for the event apply, and you still must fill out a registration form, obeying all required fields.