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If you have added a Staff/Contact Page to your website, this area is where you will populate the list of Staff or Contacts that you would like displayed.

You can begin by adding departments or staff members. We recommend that you start with departments, then you do not have to go back to edit your staff members to classify them into departments. 

Adding a Department

Choose "New Department" from the options at the top of the page.

Specify the Department NameRank (in relation to the other departments you will be adding), and on which Staff/Contact Page you would like this department to appear (if you have more than one). Perhaps you have a Staff/Contact Page specifically for Curling-- Curling Staff can go on this page.

You can view all your departments by clicking on the "Departments" button.

Adding Staff

Once you have added your departments, select "New Contact" from the buttons at the top of the page.

The information that you input in each Staff Profile will be available to all who can access the Staff/contact Page.

Fill in the information of each staff member as needed.

Upload a photo if you wish.

NOTE: Photos will display at the size they are uploaded! If you have digital photos you most likely MUST resize them to a smaller format before uploading them to this page.

We recommend sizing each photo to the same size (BEFORE uploading) for a consistent and clean view on your final page. Also, make sure the photos are not very large- thumbnail size (100-200px wide) should be enough for your purposes.

You can edit any member or department at any time by clicking on "Contacts" and finding your staff member. Click on their name or "Edit" to edit their information.


***NOTE: If you have a staff member who belongs in more than one department, you must add a new profile for EACH department they belong.