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Photo Albums
A Photo Album page is a great way to display photos that you would like your guests and members to see- images are faster loading, organized, and easy to scroll through. Note: You must have a Photo Album Page set up before you can add photos! if you do not have one set up, you also have the option from this section to ADD A PHOTO ALBUM PAGE.
Managing an Album

When you enter "Photo Albums" in Web Page Management, you will see a list of the Photo Album pages that you have previously created.

Choose the Photo album that you would like to edit. Once you have chosen the Photo Album Page that you are editing (if you have more than one), click on "Manage".

If there are already photos added, you will see them listed here.

Edit allows you to replace the uploaded photo or edit the CAPTION associated with the photo.

View Full Size brings up a new window with the full version of the picture.

You can MOVE you photo to another album by selecting the checkbox beside it and choosing the album from the drop down list up at the top. Press "Move Selected Items" to complete the action.

DELETE photos by selecting the checkbox and clicking on "Delete Selected Items".

Adding Photos to an Album

When you are in a Photo Album Management Page, click on "Add Photos".

You can add up to 15 photos from your own computer at a time. Click on "Browse" and find the photos you would like to add to your photo album.

A few guidelines:

  • Use only high quality photos greater than 500 pixels wide
  • Thumbnail images (small versions of your images that serve as previews) will be automatically generated upon upload (100 pixels wide)
  • Photos will be scaled to 500 pixels wide automatically

    In Comment, type in a title or caption for the photo that you are uploading.

    Select Add Photos when you are finished.

  • Options within your Photo Albums
    When you create a Photo Album page, you have a couple of options for the layout of your Photo Album. You will see when you add/edit your Photo Album Page:
    Show Thumbnails: When specified as "Yes", the Photo Album Page will consist of a larger (500 px wide) photo viewing box, with several small thumbnail version of the photos beneath (100 px wide). Visitors can click on a thumbnail to see the photo selected in the larger photo viewing box.

    Show Slide Show Controls: If specified as "Yes", "Forward" and "Back" options will appear beneath the viewing box. Visitors can scroll through the photos by selecting Forward or Back.