Viewing Results


Surveys are useful for collecting helpful information from your customers to improve your website content and layout, customer satisfaction with your club facilities, and overall customer service.
The WebCommunicator offers two types of surveys that you can post on the page of your choice, both completely ready to customize in order to obtain the data you are looking for from your customers.

are one question surveys which are quick and easy to post and to answer. These will appear on the page of your choice on the right of the page.

are multiple question surveys for which a link appears on the right side menu.

Creating a Survey

To create a new survey, choose "Surveys" under the "Web Page Management" menu. You will see a screen which lists all the existing surveys and links to "List Surveys" or "New Survey". You want to choose "New Survey".
The next step is to specify the title of your survey, whether you will be creating a poll or a questionnaire, on which page it will appear, if there will be only certain dates within which it will be in effect, and if viewers will be able to see the survey statistics.

Survey Type: Using the drop-down arrow, you can choose between a poll or questionnaire. Click on the survey type you want to add. It will appear in the field. 
Viewable Results: You can decide whether or not the results of the survey will be available for viewing. The drop-down arrow allows you to move between the choices for selection. You can always share the results of the survey at a later date, if you wish. 
Select Page: You can insert a survey anywhere in your website. Open the list of available pages by clicking on the drop-down arrow. Select the page on which you want the survey to appear. It will be inserted on that page automatically for you. **Note: the page on which it will appear must have a right margin specified in it's site profile (even if it is only a margin of 1) for the poll/questionnaire to be visible.
Start Date: You can set the duration that you want the survey to remain on your page. The current date will be the default starting date for your survey. You can manually enter the starting date, or you can use the calendar feature. To use the Calendar feature, click on the select button to the right of the start and/or end date. A calendar dialog box will open. To select the date, just click on it. The calendar will close, and the date will be inserted into the field for you. 

End Date
: To assign a particular date on which to end the survey, enter it in the field. You can also use the calendar feature to enter the date (see above). 
Description: This field should contain a brief description of the purpose of the survey. Your visitors will see the information from this field as part of the survey.

Now, add your questions! There is space for 5 multiple choice answers; however, if you do not have five choices, just leave the rest blank and only the options you want shown will appear. A poll is only one question, where a questionnaire as many questions as you like.

Keep in mind that there is a limit in the length of each field. The number of characters accepted appears in brackets.

Once you have entered the question and possible responses, click the Add Question button. If you have chosen to add a poll, this will post the survey on the page you selected at the beginning of this process. If your survey is a questionnaire, then adding the question will take you to the next question- and will continue until you have entered your last question. Once you are done, just go to "Show Surveys" and you will return to the main Survey screen, with the addition of your new survey.

From this screen, you can add more surveys, edit past surveys (by clicking on the survey name you wish to edit), view results, or delete unwanted surveys.

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