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Contents GOLFREZ System Configuration

Configuration Overview
Before you can use GolfRez it is necessary to configure it for your golf course so that it will perform the way you want and expect it to. The following is a list of the various configurations, which you have to perform.
All of the configuration options can be accessed from the Options menu:

Important! Ensure that the Reservation Manager is closed before attempting any configuration

Application Paths: Allows the user to set the path to the GolfRez Data

Course Schedules: You must set up each course at your facility and for each course define a weekly schedule. You can define schedule overrides and tournaments as well as set up the maximum groups per hole for a shotgun start.

Member Classifications and Restrictions: Deals with advance booking privileges and playing

Holidays: You can define which days are holidays on a date specific basis.

Booking Privileges: Establishes the time of day that GolfRez will start to take reservations based on the advanced booking privileges for each golfer classification.

Salutations: GolfRez allows the user to create a salutation for each golfer such as Mr., Mrs. etc. It comes with a number of standard salutations. Using this option, users can add additional salutations.

Member Statistic Order: Allows the user to arrange the golfer statistic in an order most suitable for their club.

Cart Options: Allows the user to determine which modes of transportation will be available to golfers.

Properties: Allows the user to set some basic settings in GolfRez and PhoneRez.

Security Settings: Allows the user to determine which functions will require a password to be completed.

GolfRez Settings: There are basic configuration items and options for GolfRez. Though the program comes with default settings, those defaults may not be appropriate for your club. It is important that you take a few minutes to configure the basic settings so that the program will work the way you want it to.

PhoneRez Settings: PhoneRez Settingsdeals with basic settings for PhoneRez.

TouchRez Settings: Deals with basic configuration settings for TouchRez.

WebRez Settings: Deals with basic configuration settings for WebRez.