Course Description

1-Arch- The tee shot is blind to the fairway that rolls downhill through the drive zone. The green is elevated at least ten feet above a huge bunker protecting its left front. The putting surface is moderately tiered, with the right front below left rear.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 13              Red: 293               White: 365              Blue: 373


2- Mound- The sharp left-dogleg from the slightly elevated tee, with trees close on the left side, a ridge crosses the fairway beyond the turn, after which the hole rises gradually to a green enclosed in a horseshoe-shaped mounding.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 5                Red: 356               White: 390                 Blue: 394


3-Bull’s Eye- A short par 3 played over a large frontal bunker that is at least 15 feet below the putting surface on the right, with a smaller trap up on the left. The two-fiered putting surface left rear to the right front.

Par: 3                     HDCP: 18              Red: 107               White: 117            Blue: 128


4- Long View- It plays from a slightly-elevated tee across Turnesa Drive to a long green set on a slight left-to-right angle with a long bunker fortifying the right side.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 7                Red: 345               White: 401             Blue: 401


5- Old Glory- An uphill par-5 with a row of tall trees on the entire left side. Trees on the right and fairway bunker left tighten up the second shot. The two-tiered putting surface has an upper level to the left and a deep bunker across its right front.

Par: 5                     HDCP: 3                Red: 444               White: 537              Blue: 537


6- Tribulation- Patterned after the Spectacles (#14) at Carnoutsie, the feature being a pair of high-lipped bunkers across the fairway, about 60 yards from the green. The difficult putting surface is three-tiered, with the higher deck in the rear.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 7                Red: 403               White: 420              Blue: 437


7- Waterloo- Rolls downhill from a slightly-elevated tee, approaches a small green that must flirt with a pond to the right that curls out into the entrance to the green, and avoid a dangerous fall-off behind.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 9                Red: 333               White: 373              Blue: 382

8- Redan- An uphill par 3 playing from the slightly-elevated tee up to a Redan green set on a left-to-right angle to tee while falling away sharply to the right rear. Three bunkers are situated down below the right front with a large bunker short and left.

Par: 3                     HDCP: 11              Red: 165               White: 196              Blue: 196


9- Half Way- a par 5 that plays uphill through the drive zone, which is bunkered to the right and narrowed by an intruding tree line on the left. The hole proceeds to the green through an avenue of new bunkers

Par: 5                       HDCP: 15              Red: 432               White: 507              Blue: 511


10- Hillside- the tee shot is played across a road to a fairway that rises through the drive zone, falling to the right as well. The green is set back behind a bunker the right front.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 8                Red: 353               White: 373              Blue: 386


11- Bee Line- A long par 3 tightened up considerably by a row of tall maples down the right side. There are two bunkers on each side of the fairway, one pair on each side of the green.

Par: 3                     HDCP: 16              Red: 199               White: 215              Blue: 215

12- Land’s End- The drive is narrowed by trees on the left and a row of maples and a pair of bunkers to the right. The two-tiered putting surface is protected by a large bunker to the right front and a crescent-shaped bunker encircling and a small pot on the left.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 10              Red: 307               White: 330              Blue: 333


13- Glen- The doglegs almost 90 degrees to the right, with the drive played down a steep hill into a ravine in the woods. The longer hitters must play a lay-up shot, there being no more than 230 yards to the far side of the fairway.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 12              Red: 304               White: 348              Blue: 364


14- Vista- Another short par 4, with a sharp turn to the left at the end. The putting surface bears the Tillinghast signature. The bunkers narrow the entrance from both sides and a slight back-to-front tilt.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 17              Red: 266               White: 289              Blue: 289


15- Overlook- A strong par 4 that plays uphill from tee to green while bending gradually to the right. The putting surface is set in a punchbowl created by a horseshoe-shaped rim encircling the sides and rear of the green.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 4                Red: 333               White: 391              Blue: 394


16- Eden- A par 3 that is played from an elevated tee over a nest of three bunkers to a kidney-shaped green featuring a “burial mound” at the right front and a ridge across the back.

Par: 3                     HDCP: 13              Red: 158               White: 184              Blue: 191


17- Long Tom- The driver must carry 175 yards over a pair of bunkers at the top of a rise to reach a fairway which then rolls downhill while bending left. The fairway drops sharply 100 yards from the green, where a tall tree to the right complicates the approach.

Par: 5                     HDCP: 6                Red: 488               White: 537              Blue: 541


18- Raynor- Acclaimed as one of the best finishing holes in the country. It is played from an elevated tee over a pond to a fairway that falls left to right, with a lateral water hazard along the entire right side of the driving area. The drive must be long and accurate to leave a level lie. A second pond angles the fairway 100 yards from the green. The fairway beyond the water is at a higher level, a bunker is built into the hillside to the left of the green.

Par: 4                     HDCP: 2                Red: 428               White: 437              Blue: 444


19- The Bye- Our unique 19th hole is a short par 3 played from an elevated tee over a small pond to a tiny back-to-front green protected out front by a row of three bunkers set on a left-to-right angle to the tee.

Par: 3                                                     Red: 119               White: 123              Blue: 123

Course Photos Courtesy of Frank Cali