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IPM Certification Records

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a process that uses all necessary techniques to suppress pests effectively, economically and in an environmentally sound manner. IPM employs a two-pronged approach: managing the plant environment to prevent problems and using thresholds to decide how and when to treat pests.

 Ontario cosmetic pesticides ban came into effect April 22, 2009. The requirements of the ban are detailed in Ontario Regulation 63/09 made under the Pesticides Act, which has been amended by the Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act, 2008. You can obtain information about Ontario Regulation 63/09 from

 The ban contains exceptions for health or safety (including public works, or, buildings and other structures that are not public works), golf courses, specialty turf, specified sports fields, aboriculture and the protection of natural resources, if certain conditions are met.

2010 Pesticide usage report #1

2010 Pesticide usage report #2

2011 Pesticide usage report #1

2011 Pesticide usage report #2

2012 Pesticide usage report #1

2012 Pesticide usage report #2

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