The slideshow module allows you to create a series of rotating images, or slides, and display them on any page of your website.  The slideshow is a great way to keep your website looking fresh and current, giving your visitors a reason to come back and check out what is going on with your organization.

To begin, select Slideshows under Web Page Management. To create a new slideshow, press "Add Slideshow" on the blue toolbar. Complete the following form in order to create the slideshow:

Click on "Add Slideshow" to complete the process.

Now, from the slideshow home page, you will be able to see your newly created slideshow in a list similar to one below:

As you can see you have options to delete and edit the slideshows (clicking on a slideshow name as well as pressing the corresponding "Edit" button will bring up editing options). There is also the option to manage the slideshow's slides. The number of slides contained is displayed on the button. For more information see Slides below.

The options when editing a slideshow are no different than the ones from when you created your slideshow. Simply press the "Edit" or the desired slideshow's name to begin editing it and the "Edit Slideshow" button below the Background field to finish. Keep reading to learn how to upload and edit individual slides.

Uploading and Editing Slides

To add slides to a slideshow, click the Manage button for the desired slideshow. A message will appear informing you that there aren't any slides yet. Press the 'Add Slides' button in order to add images to the slideshow that you created.  When uploading slides you will have to fill out the following form:

You may add up to five slides at a time. When you are done press "Add Slide".

After uploading your slides you will have access to a list of your images that are contained in the slideshow:

There are Edit and Delete options if you need to make adjustments to the slides in your slideshow. You may also click on "View" to see the slide in another window.

When you edit a slide, you will notice that the editing fields are in a different order than when you uploaded them. There are also two additional editing options available:

When you have finished editing your slide, click on "Update Photo" to save the changes.

To insert the slideshow on a particular page, check out  The Editor CREATING RICH TEXT Inserting Flash.