Membership Categories and Fees


Gold Members, men and women, are entitled to all playing privileges of the Club.

Silver and Bronze

These restricted categories are not available to new Members.

Intermediate and Student Intermediate
Intermediate and Student Intermediate membership are restricted to individuals aged 19 - 30 years. Any intermediate who attains the age of 31 years on or before March 1 in any playing season will automatically be reclassified. Intermediate Student Members must attend school or university full-time. Intermediates have the following playing restrictions at both courses:

  • No Playing privileges between 12 - 2 p.m. on weekdays

Junior membership is restricted to individuals aged 10 - 18 years. 

Playing Privileges

  • No playing restriction between 4 - 6 pm on weekdays, no play before 2 pm at the New on weekends/holidays, no play before 1 pm at the Old weekends/holidays, can not use the practice facility before 1 pm on weekends/holidays unless they are a member of Jeff's competitive program

Social and Non-Resident
Social and Non-Resident members have unrestricted access to the clubhouse facilities for social and business purposes, as well as to social functions hosted by the club.

Social membership is available to those on the waiting list for golfing memberships.

Non-Resident membership is only available to individuals who live outside Nova Scotia.

Playing Privileges

  • Social and Non-Resident Members may purchase 6 green fees per year.
  • Green fee golfers are permitted to play at any time on weekdays, except on Thursdays at the New Course when only one guest is permitted per group after 11 am. On weekends/holidays green fee golfers may play after 11 am (Old Course) and 12 noon (New Course).
  • Only one guest per game is permitted. Guests are only permitted to play four times at Ashburn during the playing season.
  • The Practice Facility is only to be used on days when the Member is booked to play golf.


This category of membership is restricted to persons who are sponsored by a Member and who permanently reside outside Nova Scotia. The terms of this membership are limited to four weeks in any calendar year at a rate of $400 +tax per week. Playing restrictions may apply.

Membership Category

Annual Dues 
Charge F&B Minimum 
Entrance Fee
Option 1

 Entrance Fee Full Payment

Oe year, payment in full
Entrance Fee

Entrance Fee Two-Year Option 

Two years, each instalment
No restrictions on play
Intermediate, 19 - 30 yrs
No play 12 - 2 pm weekdays

(3 years)

Student Intermediate
19 - 30 yrs
No play 12 - 2 pm weekdays Student ID required

(3 years)

Junior, 10 - 18 yrs
No play before 9 am 
No play before 2 pm on weekends and holidays
Social, age 31+
Social, age 30 & under
Must reside outside Nova Scotia

Green Fees:     Old Course     $75.00 + $11.25 = 86.25

                             New Course:  $85.00 + $12.75 = 97.75


  1. All prices quoted are subject to 15% HST
  2. Intermediate Entrance Fee spread over three years will have a one-time administration fee of $75+HST
  3. Junior Entrance Fee spread over two years will have a one-time administration fee of $50+HST
  4. The practice facility, club cleaning and storage, and pull cart privileges are included in the dues for the playing categories
  5. Electronic caddies and personal pull carts can be stored for a fee at the Pro Shop
  6. There is a $15 compulsory fee for all playing ladies for the Ladies' Division operating expenses